Pay for service, not for time
Accounting, tax and HR
CHF 99
per month
  • Accounting & Payroll

    (from CHF 99 / month)

    • Bookkeeping
    • Document processing & archiving
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Monthly payroll & social insurances
    • VAT accounting
    1st year special offerFrom CHF 1 / transaction (2.5X cheaper)
  • Reporting & Taxes

    (from CHF 149 / report)

    • Standard financial statements
    • Corporate tax return
    • Quarterly VAT reporting
    • Social security declarations
    • Municipal business tax (GE)
    Unbeatable priceFrom CHF 1'000 / year
  • Consulting & Legal

    (CHF 199 / hour)

    • Shareholders meetings & dividends
    • Financial analysis & forecast
    • Tax optimisation & fiscal audit assistance
    • Financing & restructuring
    • Legal advisory & support
    • Due diligence
    • Preparation for investors' rounds
    • Company creation
    • Contesting tax assessments
    • Taxes for individuals
    Fair qualityTailored quotes on demand
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Luigi Matrone
eBusiness Institute Sàrl
LedgerPeek Accountants are a great team who work together to provide us with professional and outstanding financial advice over the past few years. They have always done an impeccable job when it comes to payroll and internal accounting but also in relation to some areas of crucial importance to our business as merger and takeover considerations, supporting us in every step of a due diligence process. In our experience, they deliver value for money and I would recommend their team to anyone.
Christine Bussat
American Diner Sàrl
Grâce à ses conseils éclairés, sa réactivité, ses prix transparents et attractifs, j’ai pu créer ma société sans difficultés, me concentrant sur la croissance de mon chiffre d’affaires. Une fiduciaire fiable sur laquelle on peut toujours compter.
Sergio Panzarella
Founder, CEO
Food for Health Sàrl
LedgerPeek has provided custom software to automate my specific business processes in real time (e.g. stock tracking), assumed a burden of over 2’000 transactions a year, and have surpassed my expectations. Available, friendly and patient, they have enabled my startup to prosper and grow. Their services go beyond accounting, encompassing optimization of those business processes needed to grow.


Using innovative data management technology, we combine our expertise with an ecosystem of partners to offer you professional services at transparent prices
Access your documents anytime, anywhere - forget about big piles of paper and save the planet
Your single point of entry to our expert and partner network to meet all your needs
Pay for service, not for time. Transparent prices and exclusive offers


the cornerstone of your administrative, financial and tax compliance!
Automate your digital filing and forget about big piles of paper!
With our innovative ERP and cloud integration systems, we ensure seamless archiving and recognition of your documents, invoices, contracts and reports
  • Daily update of your digital file
  • Invoice recognition by machine learning
  • Intelligent document archiving and management
  • Automatic bank reconciliation via secure EBICS or direct portals
  • Precise traceability of transactions
Always keep a peek at your ledger!
Our comfortable interface and automatic, up-to-date financial reconciliation give you a clear view of your situation, financial risks and cash flow forecasts
  • Access your documents and financial data anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time, personalised financial measurement and forecasting
  • Automatic payroll management
  • Regular updates of payments and receivables
  • Generation of mass payment orders


first class assistance and consulting in accounting, tax and HR!
Accounting is the language of business
Warren Buffett
Accurate and timely accounting is the hallmark of a compliant environment, business integrity and legal risk mitigation. Our sharp-eyed professionals will notice the smallest details while you focus on growing your business
  • Bookkeeping and archiving
  • Tailored financial statements and reports
  • Cash flow forecasting and restructuring
  • Optimisation and financial analysis
  • Evaluation of the company for investment rounds
The most difficult thing in the world to understand is income tax
Albert Einstein
Our tax experts are here to ensure absolute compliance with the law while maximising your deductions and opportunities. From basic reporting to tax optimisation, we represent you before the authorities and protect your assets
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Quarterly VAT reporting and annual reconciliation
  • Deadline monitoring and extension
  • Tax risk identification and mitigation
  • Fiscal audits and requests for information
The employment contract is at the heart of our society
Jean-Philippe Dunand
Our consultants guide you through the intricacies of the most strictly regulated relationship - employment. We ensure full compliance with contract law, social security and withholding tax for employees, and provide comfortable payroll and HR management
  • Agreements, amendments and terminations
  • Payroll monitoring and administration
  • Compliance and social security reporting
  • Withholding tax reporting for employees
  • Stock option plans and advice


protect your business and maximize your income by using the full potential of the law!
Collecting more tax than is absolutely necessary is legalized theft
Calvin Coolidge
Get high-level tax advice from our experts and partners to mitigate your risks, improve transparency and maximise your potential to the full extent of the law.
  • Applications for preliminary tax rulings
  • Tax advice on reorganisation, financing or restructuring
  • Red flag tax due diligence in the context of mergers and acquisitions
  • Administrative litigations and appeals
  • Tax exemptions and holidays
People don't win fights over people. Lawyers do.
Norman Ralph Augustine
Every successful business relationship starts with a well-drafted legal agreement. Knowing your rights and duties is the first step in protecting your business from damaging claims. Our advice helps you to overcome difficulties with debt restructuring, litigation, debt collection, etc.
  • Assistance in debt collection
  • Drafting and revision of agreements
  • Advice on legal risks, securities and guarantees
  • Brand protection, confidentiality, non-competition
  • Corporate modifications and shareholder agreements


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